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I’m not writing this to make you think that I know everything there is to know about ASEA. I’m a marketer, I’m not a doctor, nor a man of science, what I have learned about nutrition is from the school of Hard Knocks. I have read and studied nutrition since 2008, but have no formal degree in nutrition. 

People like to say there is no science backing this product. Well, when I went to study up on the processes behind the making of ASEA, I found that they do have quite a lot of science backing them.

Now if you would like to look at science please look at

Even better than the science, is the answer to the question, does this product work in the body as claimed by ASEA? I have to say from everything I have witnessed, this product REALLY WORKS!! But then,  it’s my job to convince you that ASEA is an outstanding product, and one that you should take a look at. It is my hope that I will do that in this post.

Now before you run off to Google, and search ASEA or Redox Signaling molecules, remember that most of the comments will be positive, but as usual you will find some negative statements. Google like negative posts about a product it help create a lot of posting. First thing you need to know is, there are negative statements on the Internet for every company in the world. Most of these negative comments about ASEA are from marketers of a different product, that want to keep you from getting involved with ASEA. You see, if you find ASEA is as good as they claim to be, then the other companies will lose you as a customer, and that’s not good for their business. We also have people that are strongly opposed to Network Marketing if it has anything to do with Network Marketing it has to be bad. Then you have the people that know nothing about ASEA, but feel it’s their job to instruct you on it’s failings. Be careful of  being  influenced by these people, negativity becomes a way of life after a while. If you are a negative person, you will not do well in Network Marketing. If you find yourself saying or thinking things like, “I don’t believe that” then negativity is your master. The positive person on the other hand can look at something that seems impossible and say “I think this can work” – I want to be on that team. If you have never put much stock in Network Marketing – think its a hoax – then please take the time to watch this video.

Tim Sales – Brilliant Compensation

Don’t forget to come back! For the rest of the story, were just dieing to tell it. Pun intended.

Tim Sales - Brilliant Compensation

If you are concerned about your health and would like to make a difference in other peoples health, then you need to consider ASEA. It really doesn’t matter what health product, or food you consume if your body doesn’t know that it needs it, what good is it? Your toilet is reaping the benefits. As we age our body starts to lose Redox Signaling molecules, but this shouldn’t surprise you, we lose a lot of things. When your a baby your cells operate at 100%. When your seventy your cells are at about 10% efficiency. Redox Signaling molecules are classified into two groups: Reactive Oxygen Species and Reduced Species. The Reactive Oxygen Species has been made by the body to help your immune system to respond faster, and the Reduced Species activates antioxidants to receive the call for help from your body’s cells faster. The longer it takes for the body to know there is a problem, the more damage occurs in the body.

Glutathione is known as the “master antioxidant” because of the tremendous benefit it provides for the body. The only problem is that glutathione is only produced in the body; studies have shown that taking glutathione orally really doesn’t help. But this is where ASEA steps in. Scientific research has shown that drinking ASEA helps the body actually produce more glutathione. So, it helps your body do what it should do even better!

ASEA Antioxidant Activators

This is what makes ASEA different than any other health product on the market. Body communication is vital to your body’s health. ASEA is trillions of stable, perfectly balanced Redox Signaling molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution – the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body. Redox Signaling molecules are vital for the health of your cells; that’s why your body makes its own supply. But after the age of 12, our cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules. These communicating Redox Signaling molecules are found in only two places inside your body, and inside a bottle of ASEA. Now that all sounded fantastic! Wow, just think if you had a product that could do all that, your body could start to fix itself naturally, and that is exactly what this product is all about.

One of the biggest question when you think about joining a Network Marketing Company is how many copycats are there in the business your considering? Think of it this way, if you had two roads and both are going to the same place. One has a lot of traffic, and the other has relatively no traffic at all. Which one would you choose to travel? Believe me, I have been down the road with the heavy traffic, even with a great product it’s hard road to travel. The more competition you have the better your chance of getting lost in the crowd. You want to find a product that is unique and has a strong purpose. When you introduce this to someone can they buy a product similar to it in Wall-mart? A lot of people don’t come into Network Marketing for the business. They like the product you have, and that is why they join; now down the road they might tell a couple of friends about the product and they might also join, but the product still is the main focus, not the business. Remember getting someone interested in the product is where the opportunity for business starts. They make money on a sale, and it is an eye opener to the many opportunities that can come with a truly great product. Network Marketing is all about helping people with a product, and then helping them with an opportunity. ASEA stands alone in the health and wellness industry. Nothing on this planet like it! This company has a market that is huge. There is no competition to compete against. The antioxidant market is over saturated with companies asking you to look at them. ASEA officially launched on September 10th 2010, so this company is old enough that it’s here to stay, and young enough for room to grow your business. In the U.S. alone you have 300 million people, and this company is going global.

ASEA once thought impossible

Come and look at my ASEA website to find more answers.

We also have videos on YouTube take a look

Brought to you by an independent ASEA Associate and not ASEA the company. The ASEA product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health condition. Also this is a business and it does require work. As a result there are no guarantees of income. Earnings are based solely on individual efforts, ability, and dedication.


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